Rules & Regulations

Listed below are the official rules of Zombie Stomp. Failure to abide by any of the terms and rules referenced and/or listed on this page may result in strict punishment

from the forums and the server. Basic Rules are in chat typing /rules typing /help should bring you here.


The following rules apply to all Servers, Website, and all aspects of the server.

Relax and have fun! Be nice to other players. Do not harass, flame, troll, or say inappropriate, sexual, derogatory, words.
Players who start or participate in arguments, Harrass Admins or Mods are also subject to punishment.
Any player using a modification (“mod”) to the 7 Days to Die Game, and/or any player using an alternate client to launch and/or play 7 DTD , that is designed to cheat, hack, lag the server, crash the server, gain the player unauthorized access to commands or abilities, and/or grant the player an unfair advantage is subject to punishment.

Exploiting server-related or 7 Days to Die bugs and/or glitches is prohibited and are subject to bannable offence.

Any and all bugs and/or glitches, no matter how small, should be reported directly to an Admin or Moderator.
Players who are aware of bugs or glitches, or aware of other players abusing bugs or glitches, that do not report them, are also subject to punishment.
Do not create “lag machines,” or builds designed to cause the server to lag in any way. Do not create anything related to racist, inappropriate, hate-motivated, vulgar, or sexually explicit content.
Inappropriate creations, as determined by Zombie Stomp Staff, will be deleted, and the creator(s) are subject to punishment.

Players are Allowed to protect their “Claimed BASE” with trenches, Spikes, Landmines, Pitfalls, etc. ( NO PVP )

Do not spam the chat area. This may include, but is not limited to: sending repeated messages, sending all capital lettered messages, sending rapid multiple messages, and/or spam of letters and symbols.

Do not beg for or request items, abilities, commands from the Admins or Moderators. IE teleports, Items etc.

Do not say any links, IP addresses, or URLs in the chat, public or private. Occasional exceptions at Admin/Moderator discretion include, but are not limited to:,, ,

No cheating of any kind, spawning, flying, god-mode, or creative mode allowed.

Staff may not use any special commands in the Servers that allow them to cheat or have an unfair advantage in any way.

You are NOT allowed to grief, and/or kill players that are on our PvE Server!

It is the responsibility of the player to make sure there base and chests are secure.



The following rules apply to our server’s Moderators, whose job is to enforce the rules and keep the peace of the server.
May use any available commands necessary to enforce the rules, investigate rule-breakers, and to keep the peace of the server.
Moderators should answer all server-related questions and respond to help within limitations ( IE asshats )
May not give ranks, permissions, commands, or spawned items to players, even if they claim they to have donated.
Moderators may not abuse any commands or abilities for their own advantage in worlds that do not allow cheating.
May not abuse punishment-related commands such as /kick /ban /lp ect


The following rules apply to nicknames and players with nickname permissions.
No swear words, sexually explicit content, or offensive material in your nickname.
Do not impersonate another player or staff member.
Do not constantly change your nickname.

Zombie Stomp has the right to change or edit the rules at any time

The Admins Word is Final, No Ifs Ands or Buts.

!Zombie Stomp is not responsible for lost or stolen items!

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